My friends Janhoi Chambers, Amy Mihelich, Christopher Michael Baird and some great musical friends of theirs came together at the Common Grounds Coffee Bar in downtown Lake Worth to do a live improv jam session inspired by a magical evening in Amy’s backyard. Here’s the event post on Facebook. There were instruments on every table for the audience to use if they wanted to join in. It was a great night of free form beat boxing and spoken poetry from Janhoi, live music, people coming off the street to relax and enjoy the show.

I set up my easel and did some live painting of the band while they performed. I gave the painting to Janhoi, but I will be back to create more.

If you haven’t been to the Common Grounds Coffee Bar then go! Lake Worth is a hidden gem in South Florida…home to artists, musicians, poets, creative souls of all types. This coffee shop is run by some very sweet people who do good in the community and beyond. It’s big, filled with art and books, great coffee, and wireless. I get homesick for my original home of Boston where places like this were everywhere, but with downtown LW and Common Grounds I can feel like I found a cool backstreet in Cambridge somewhere.

Janhoi Chambers and my painting

Janhoi Chambers and my painting, which he now has!

Picture of the venue with the painting

The band, the venue, the painting



Live painting at Common Grounds Coffee Bar