Victoria Kroell and Tiffani Foster working on a mural at High Ridge Family Center in West Palm Beach

Gratitude Training is a company committed to inspiring others to create extraordinary lives and give back to the community. There are many community projects organized by dedicated people in Gratitude, many of which involve improving facilities via donated goods, services and murals. Many of the facilities served benefit families and children.

Many of the artists in the Gratitude community have taken or continue to take part in various community projects involving murals, myself included.

This past month launched a new Facebook Page that showcases the ongoing mural work of Gratitude artists. Along with professional working artists in the community, many are just generous people who are doing their part by picking up a brush and brightening lives.

Some of the local facilities that have been enhanced by Gratitude artists include:

I’d like to thank these facilities for helping our communities and for allowing us to give back to them. I’d also like to thank Jeff Massman, one of the most active artists for these projects. Other artists involved are Kris Delgado (aka: The Kwak), Jennifer Lewis of Alchemy in Art, Frankie Curran, Ariel Zeiger, Victoria Kroell, and Steve Backhus.